It took me a while to realize that when Louisa May Alcott said “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship,” it was also intended for me.

Many women feel it is a leap of faith to believe we have the wherewithal to set sail on our own. I can understand how you might have some lingering doubts, but it’s time to kick those to the side of the road.

It takes a long time for social conditioning to dissolve and fade away despite the readiness of our hearts and obvious capabilities.

It is like watching the fog lift on a sunny morning, as a changing reality is lighting the way. This idea that we should wait until the time is just right, or we feel fully prepared to take action, is a myth.

No Better Time than the Present

If you are here now, reading this, the time is now and you are ready to deal with it. The storms of insecurity and lack of confidence can be weathered.

I know. I encountered doubters from all corners. Family and friends questioned my resolve to see it through, while others wondered why I would shake up the cushy, if not the routine life I had, to place a bet on myself.

Simple. I believed could, and I didn’t want to miss out on seeing my kids grow up. End of story.

I am not advocating any particular point of view whether it be feminist, traditional, or anything in between. I simply see a world of opportunity for women that goes largely untapped because we hold ourselves back.

Mom/Working Mom Solution

There is the constant debate about staying home or going to work. Forever, it has been an either/or proposition.

It seems to me however, the smart move is both, but stay with me.

We live in a world today where traditional roles for men and women are not what they used to be, and standard work patterns are changing.

It’s confusing. On the one hand, the economic opportunity seems constrained, and on the other it’s freer and more abundant than ever.

For women, opportunity abounds, and that’s a good thing. We are starting new businesses right and left.

The true challenge for moms is figuring out how to achieve equilibrium between managing a family, spending time with the kids, and a strict 9-5.

In all honesty, given the demands of each, it is improbable on a good day.

The Mom/Working mom Solution I settled on made that Balance not only Possible but a true Blessing

It took a little courage and some effort to overcome the fears we all encounter, but it worked out!

I decided to become a “Mompreneur”, a mother, like you, who intended to balance family life with being her own boss.

As it turns out, it was the best decision I could have made.

What Worked for Me Can Work for You

Seventeen years ago, I discovered the Dress Up Princess Tea Party business and made it work for my family and me.

It was the opportunity I was looking for. It didn’t take a fortune to get into or any formal training.

Being a weekend business, it was flexible, leaving plenty of time during the week to pick up the kids from school, spend time with them, and also to work on things to improve and increase my business. It was a lot of fun and a happy business to be in.

I also had some personal time. Imagine that, a minute to myself every once in a while.

Because I stood up, unafraid of a little turbulence, my ship came in. It worked for me and it can work for you too.

You can wait until the time feels just right, but if you’re here now, right now is the right time!

The Princess Tea Party business is fun, flexible, and lucrative. Now, with nearly 20 years of experience, I am helping other women achieve the same joy and satisfaction I have experienced by offering my “Business in a Box.” It is the exact road map I followed to start and operate a successful business made easy for those interested in the business for themselves. No prior business experience is necessary, and no franchise fees. Learn More Here

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