Are you a working mother in a 9-5 job or facing that prospect? If you are like most moms, being available for your kids is at the top of your priority list, while having a professional life and supporting your family would make for perfect balance. And Publishers Clearing House is knocking at the door too, right?

No, it doesn’t take extraordinary luck to create that type of situation for yourself. I too was right there with three young kids looking at 9-5 closing in when I found the perfect opportunity.

The Children’s Princess Tea Party business is a slice of the $10 billion birthday party industry. Raising young girls, it was a part of the industry that was appealing in so many ways. First and foremost, it was a weekend business. It allowed flexibility to be there for the family, but also the really interesting challenge of starting and operating a business on my own. And don’t be fooled by the weekend aspect of it, this can be a very lucrative business generating full time income on a part time basis!

When I discovered this business I thought we would have to come up with exorbitant amounts of money for franchise fees, which would have been a major stumbling block. It was clear that if I was going to open a business it had to be on my own, on a much tighter budget than $175,000 in franchise costs.

I launched my first location for under $20,000 by doing all the leg work myself. You know what, I don’t recall ever having so much fun at work. We recouped our investment within the first 18 months. It wasn’t without trial and error and a building process, but it became apparent right away that this business was sort of like Disneyland. Every little girl has a birthday and wants to smile and be a princess. It is up to you to create an attractive environment for them to realize that dream, and if you do it consistently, parents will pay handsomely to see their children happy.

If the idea of creating a weekend oriented business around making young kids happy is appealing, you can benefit from my Guide book filled with invaluable insights, practical advice and specific guidelines for daily operation developed over 17 years.  It is a resource you can keep close at hand and depend on each step of the way to help make decisions which save time and money.

You may question whether this is a fad or a lasting business. Lisa Rose has been in this niche at the same location since 1998, so that will tell you something. My philosophy is that as long as there are little girls, there will always be princesses. As long as you make yourself known and stay true to the mission of making little girls happy, you can accomplish long term what you set out to do-be available for your family and have a satisfying, lucrative professional life.

I have been in this wonderful business for a long time now. Let me show you how to do it for yourself!

The Princess Tea Party business is fun, flexible, and lucrative. Now, with nearly 20 years of experience, I am helping other women achieve the same joy and satisfaction I have experienced by offering my “Business in a Box.” It is the exact road map I followed to start and operate a successful business made easy for those interested in the business for themselves. No prior business experience is necessary, and no franchise fees. Learn More Here

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