Dear Me;

What do you want to do in the next three years?

I’m aware of the time going by, like pages turning.

Three years is a long time, and maybe I haven’t planned anything specific, but having the courage to persevere and do what I can to improve myself is what inspires me.

I know the value of work; the hard earned benefit of goals achieved; the pride in accomplishment regardless of big or small.

None of these considerations have anything to do with money that flows in the process. That’s almost a side note.

The setbacks I face do not define me, they only strengthen and motivate me to raise the stakes and reach higher.

Anything can change, but my priority today is to pursue what will compliment and support my future life.

I hope to learn to enjoy life, understanding that it’s not only the big moments but the little things that provide happiness instead of running the race simply to attain the biggest prize.

I want to contribute to society by being devoted to family life.

It is not my goal or purpose in life to try to please everyone or strive to live up others expectations of me.

In the end, I just want to live life to the fullest never leaving things behind that serve to make life beautiful and inspiring.




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