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The Princess Party Business Kit

by Lisa Rose

The best information, training, and coaching kit available online to learn how to plan, operate,
and market a successful Princess Tea Party Business.

  “Downloading the Business Kit was like opening a business in a box. All the tools and information are there, from website design, business card design, to how to price your packages and Lisa shows you how to use it.” 

Shelley, California

This downloadable business training kit compiles all the information on how to plan and start your side  business; run the parties; operate; and, market the business. The kit includes worksheets, slideshows, digital tools, website template, customer interface forms, video’s, and audio coaching recorded by Lisa. It also comes with one hour of one-on-one coaching. Your download includes 15 easy to follow modules in an online format. Learn anywhere from any device.  

With 10+ hours of expert training, coaching, and support, The Princess Party Business Kit is 100% of what I know and shares all my secrets of the business. Benefit from all the trials, errors and successes, from my 20 years in the party and etiquette business.


  • 15 modules from the combined Part 1 (Planning), Part 2 (Operating), and Part 3 (Marketing) courses.
  • 45+ checklists, worksheets, videos, and photos covering all aspects of a Princess Tea Party business.
  • Assistance and digital tools to help start your website and market your business.
  • Templates to help interact with customers.
  • 1 hour of 1:1 coaching with Lisa Rose.
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of resources for you to use.

Teach Etiquette+Princess Party Training Guides

by Lisa Rose

“On the day that I came across your website, I told my husband that I was ready to return to work but didn’t want to go back to the corporate workforce, I want to be an entrepreneur. So we here we are…princess/ tea parties. I did begin to “brainstorm” on my business plan. So again I say thank you. Your support and encouragement is a blessing.” Tanya Thomas

“I just purchased your book for my nook. It was very helpful and informative. I live in Buffalo NY and work one day a week at our local tea house. I love it! I’m writing a proposal to the owner so we can start tea parties at the customers home, which is why I purchased your book. I not only want to offer children’s princess parties, but would like to also offer adult tea parties.  Thank you.” Karima

Teach Children Manners and Etiquette with a complete step-by-step Teachers Handbook and Class Instruction Manual. Home based, shared space, sublet, or mobile friendly.

Start your own Party Business focused on Princess Parties with all the information you need to plan, operate, and market your business with Become a Princess Tea Party Business Owner.

Both fully detailed guides will leave you encouraged and ready to start earning money right away.

Perfect for:

  • Educators
  • Military Spouses
  • Busy women looking to break free from a 9-5
  • Added household income
  • Anyone needing job flexibility to move or travel,
  • Complimentary businesses seeking additional revenue at low cost


  • Instant access downloads in PDF format.
  • No prior business experience is needed.
  • Includes a free 15-minute phone consultation with Lisa.

One-On-One Coaching

with Lisa

Exploring ideas? Ready to start-up? Current business owner seeking to add income?
If you need a little bit of extra help, purchase hourly coaching time with Lisa.

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