The Business Kit

The Princess Party Business Kit

 Lisa Rose

Everything you need in a Startup Kit, nothing less

 “Downloading the Business Kit was like opening a business in a box. All the tools and information are there, from website design, business card design, to how to price your packages and Lisa shows you how to use it.” 

Shelley, California

“I am the owner of a childcare center looking to add an additional source of income for myself. This is the resource I have been looking for.” 

Rheitta, Georgia

“I am learning a lot and enjoying it.” Kimberly Lemieux 

  “I’m taking the training now.  Lisa is excellent” – Carmen Rivera  

  “So, after listening to you, working on weekends would be perfect. Something I’d always wanted to do. Thanks for providing the tools.”  Latoya Connors

“I am so grateful that I had this kit and Lisa to guide me through the process of how to run a successful business!” Sonya, Maryland

“I love being with kids and princess parties seemed like a natural way to add business at my teashop. The Business Kit really helped streamline the process.”

Kay, Illinois

Complete Training Resource 

This online business kit has all the tools, information, and coaching  you need to start your business.

No Guessing What To Do Next

It completely eliminates the guesswork with an easy to follow step by step program showing you how to run a  children’s tea party business.

Makes it  Easy

You learn how to plan and operate the business, details on party prep, runnning parties, plus, marketing, advertising, establishing a web presence, customer interface, and more. It’s all in one place, saving you time, money.


You are mentored throughout with more than 10 hours of expert training, coaching, and support, by Lisa Rose, to include tips, strategies, and insights on what to do and what not to do to enjoy a successful business.

Personal Coaching

In addition, you’ll receive One FULL  hour of personal coaching with Lisa to answer all of your questions and receive valuable direction and insight.

Easy to Follow Guide

Your download includes 15 easy to follow learning modules in an online format. Learn anywhere from any device.

Focused On Teaching You

The business kit includes worksheets, slideshows, photos, digital tools, website template, marketing collateral templates, customer interface forms, video’s, and audio coaching recorded by Lisa Rose.

It’s a Weekend business

Your children’s tea party business can be run on weekends, so you don’t have to leave your day job until you’re ready. One evening during the weeek to handle reservations, and some marketing/advertising is all that is required.

Grow Your Business to Your Liking

Supplement your income with up to $2,000 a month as a small side business hosting 4-6 parties a month, or scale it up to $4000+ with 12-15 parties per month. .

 Here’s What You Get:

  • 15 audio coaching modules covering Part 1 (Planning), Part 2 (Operating), and Part 3 (Marketing).
  • 45+ checklists, worksheets, videos, and photos covering all aspects of a Princess Tea Party business.
  • Templates to help interact with customers
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of resources for you to use.
  • Digital Templates for single page website
  • Digital templates for marketing collateral material i.e., business card, invitatins, ad copy, thank you notes, postcards, and more
  • A Full Hour of Personal Coaching with Lisa
  • Receive Become an Etiquette Teacher Handbook
  • Receive Princess Tea Party Business Handbook

$269 (You Save $80)


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