You Actually Do Have a Life Purpose

No doubt you are active with the demands of family and a job which books your time weeks in advance. It’s just the way modern life is.

Let’s stop for a moment and reconsider things.

In those elusive moments, when everyone is settled down and there’s a moment to relax, have you acknowledged that quiet voice within trying to attract your attention?

The cute one that invites you to discover more about the true nature of your calling in life?

My Confession

I confess. I let the spirit move me late one evening and it didn’t hurt a bit.

Being a part of, or raising a family is a noble purpose in most of our lives. There is no more important place you can be called than to your family.

The trouble is, the world is loud and distracting, and modern life can easily become a barrier rather than an open door to realizing your actual purpose in being conscious and alive on this beautiful planet.

If you are consumed by the work in front of you, whether it is a job, homeschooling, managing the household, or all of the above, hearing your calling may well be drowned out like so much noise.

Hearing Your Call is Not Just for a Select Few

While not claiming to know the secret on how to ease up or slow down the demands of daily life, I do feel that it is a myth to believe that a calling is only for a select group of gurus or the otherwise entitled. It is not. You may just be missing yours through all the confusion and clutter.

If this sounds like you, the question is are you open or have you gone temporarily tone deaf to that sweet voice within?

Being Open to Change

To become more aligned with your true calling is to be open to change. It doesn’t mean running away in pursuit of the pleasant dream of an island paradise  as enticing as that sounds when the kids are screaming or the boss is making crazy demands.

It does mean making room in your heart for what you feel passionate about in life, being open to change, and a little bit of risk. Nothing worthwhile is risk-free.

What comes of being mindful of a higher calling is to build upon and strengthen what we believe in. We believe in our families, our dreams, our character, our abilities, and a higher power.

The romance is the hot pursuit and experience of it as fully as we possibly can. What else is there in life when you get down to it?

Define Your Purpose

Recognizing or defining your purpose is the tricky part. Nobody wants to chase false dreams.

Sometimes the key to understanding your calling is to let go of what is holding you back. Be willing to emotionally let go of what you are keeping a tight grip on, whether it be familiarity, the pursuit of wealth, obligations, or, other people’s expectations.

Whether you want to accept that or not, it is the only way to break free of the chains that bind you.

I think you’ll find that by paddling your boat out and casting a little deeper, you’ll find what fulfills your desires. The challenge is to be bold and venture into the deeper water.

If you come up empty at first, go back and try again. Trust in yourself when nothing else makes sense.

I found this to be true for myself. My life was just as described. Hectic with the kids, a job, taking care of the house, finances, you name it.

Go Bold and Reorder Your Life

Burning beneath the surface was an intense desire to reorder life so that it made more sense and to experience that feeling you get when things are in balance.

Do you know the one?

It may be harder to come by these days, but not the least bit impossible.

I Followed My Own Advice

I followed what I am suggesting to you. In becoming open to my passion for kids and a willingness to take a little risk, I opened a business for myself to be the master of my own time and schedule.

Whew!  What a difference that made in every aspect of life. It was like a rejuvenating tonic.

The business didn’t mean I got to drop all of my other responsibilities and lay out on the beach at Waikiki. Not by a longshot.

It was better than that if you can imagine.

Seize an Opportunity to Delve Deeper

It presented the chance for some breathing room to reorder how I saw and experienced just about everything in life and the opportunity to delve deeper into what I perceive as my calling.

The rest is up to me.


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Lisa Zakar is a wife and mother of 3. She is the owner of Lisa Rose, a popular Princess Tea Party venue. She has a 17-year track record in the Princess Tea Party business. Lisa had a 10-year history in higher end retail with Nordstrom before launching her business. Lisa Rose is an award winning party venue with Best of Honolulu/children’s parties/Honolulu Magazine, and, Winner of Best Children’s Parties/Island Parent Magazine. Lisa has locations in Honolulu.

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