Coaching – 3 Hours With Lisa

   Congratulations!  You are on now your way to becoming a Princess Tea Party Business Owner. 

Lisa Rose Consulting advises on how to plan, create, open, and operate your Princess Tea Party business. Consulting arrangements are flexible depending on your needs, or you can choose from the packages below depending on where you are in the process. Your consulting with Lisa consists of a 3-hour phone session, email, or a combination.  You may choose 30 minutes to 1 hour increments.

Please have questions written down so you can let Lisa know what they are ahead of time by email.

These general categories and topics are directly related to the Princess Tea Party business, and clients have found it to be very helpful to stay focused on exactly what information they want to obtain and helps us both keep track throughout the session to get as many of your questions answered as possible.

Beginner – Setting the Foundation

Goal Setting

Fine Tune Business Plan

Creating a Budget

Choosing Your Venue

Choosing Your Niche

Intermediate – Getting Started

Start-Up Requirements

Inventory & Vendors


Pricing, Competition, & Your Clientele

Finalizing Your Party Format & Packages


Advanced – Ready to Go!

How to Operate Your Business

Party Format & Schedule

Quality Control

Reservations & Contracts

Promotions & Marketing Strategy


Advanced 2.0 -Taking It To The Next Level

Adding Income Streams To Your Business

Advanced Marketing & Promotions

Is It Time To Expand?

Overcoming Specific Challenges


Please E-mail Lisa to set up a time.  Let me know what time-zone you are in and specific dates you are available.


To your success,

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