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If you've been a stay at home mom with the kids now out of the house, isn't it about darn time you went out and did something fun for yourself that doesn't involve running a taxi service, an urgent care, or being a short order cook? Come on... coordinating and managing a household is far more difficult than running a small business.
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It’s a Brand New Year. Let’s Get this Party Started!

For the new year, instead of scrambling to come up with another (short-lived) resolution, get out and enjoy some exercise to start things off with a boom. Come on now. Treating yourself to some regular vigorous exercise will have you feeling healthy, looking fit,...

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What Motivates Women

What Motivates Women to Become Entrepreneurs? This question was asked of women in many different walks of life and there were some surprising answers. But there was a universal commonality in their answers also, which in all honesty as a female entrepreneur myself,...

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Exciting Trends in the Birthday Party Industry

Exciting Trends in the Birthday Party Industry Trends in the Birthday Party Industry If you enjoy being around young children and are looking for a business in a growth industry, you will want to check out these trends. During the past 15 years, children’s birthday...

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Priness Tea Party

10 Reasons Being A Career Mum Rocks – Copy

    10 Reasons Being A Career Mum Rocks By Monisha Iswaran     Are you starting a family and are undecided about whether or not you’ll be able to maintain your career amidst the busy livelihood of being a parent? There are of course many things...

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Right place, Right time; Nothing is Chance

You’ve heard it a thousand times. He or she got to where they are because they were in the right place at the right time. Someone, you know was on another mundane flight to the west coast on business, they get bumped to first class and they spend the entire time...

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What’s your $9,999 mark?

The diminutive man in the center of that photo had severe physical disadvantages that would cause many of us to hide or give up because the odds were stacked against us in life. but they only seemed to fuel the massive cerebral advantages he was blessed with. But...

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Working Mothers Shouldn’t Settle

Do you know that every ten seconds a baby is born in the United States? It means someone becomes a new mother every time we blink our eyes. It also means that way out there in the distance another life choice will be made. Will I remain a Stay-at- Home-Mom, or go back into the corporate workforce. Two roads could not be more divergent nor unsettling in our innermost being. “Factors weighing on the minds of working mothers in particular throughout their lives are endlessly complex,” says Carol Evans, president of Working Mothers Media.
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The #1 Thing Customers Remember

In business, the most important investment you will make is not equipment or a designer space. It is with your customers. You may think you are in charge, however, your customers are the boss and they have a way of letting you know. A devotion to top quality...

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