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The #1 Thing Customers Remember

In business, the most important investment you will make is not equipment or a designer space. It is with your customers. You may think you are in charge, however, your customers are the boss and they have a way of letting you know. A devotion to top quality...

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How to Become a Success in Business

 I have been a lifetime admirer of the musician, Van Morrison. It's been said that all one needs is a little Van the Man in your life to make each day much brighter. In his early work, in particular, his music struck a joyful optimistic tone and brought alive the...

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Positive Trends for Women Entrepreneurs

As the mother of two daughters and a woman in business, I am always interested in learning about anything that promotes women’s ability to pursue their dreams. I found a quick but interesting article by Shawn Hessinger in a recent edition of Small Business Trends...

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