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The Value of Life Skills Training for Young Children

As children practice what they are taught in the sessions, they begin to develop habits of being considerate, understanding, and respectful of others. They learn to share and respect the space of others including family members as well as when they are guests outside the home. It is a firm step in the right direction for parents to do what it takes to instill positive social skills to help their children through life.
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Little Known Beliefs About Children’s Birthdays

One fascinating difference is that many people celebrate their birthdays in accordance with the lunar calendar. Consequently, the date of their birthday changes every year. In more fully indulging the connection between birthday and the universe, many people celebrate according to both the lunar and solar calendar. In so doing they will celebrate with family on their lunar birthday and friends according to their solar birthday. Sounds like fun!
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Birthdays Japanese Style

As is the custom almost everywhere, without first singing “Happy Birthday” nothing else happens.   In Japan, it’s often sung in English and by tradition in the dark.It is an enduring tradition holding value universally unlike any other throughout the world
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The Beauty of Being Right

The Beauty of Being Right I thought I could make an extra $2,000/MONTH AS A STAY-AT-HOME MOM. As it turns out I was right, and it happened a little faster than I anticipated. Being a stay-at-home mom or a working woman is not easy Between a job, playing the roles...

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Exciting Trends in the Birthday Party Industry

Exciting Trends in the Birthday Party Industry Trends in the Birthday Party Industry If you enjoy being around young children and are looking for a business in a growth industry, you will want to check out these trends. During the past 15 years, children’s birthday...

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Priness Tea Party

Right place, Right time; Nothing is Chance

You’ve heard it a thousand times. He or she got to where they are because they were in the right place at the right time. Someone, you know was on another mundane flight to the west coast on business, they get bumped to first class and they spend the entire time...

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Inspiring Yet Little Known Beliefs About Kid’s Birthdays

Joy and Relief South Korea is a country where the celebration of a child’s birthday is an expression of thanks steeped in tradition. While ancient beliefs and customs may be softening, deeply rooted customs remain intact in modern society. An Expression of...

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