Your Business and Princess Tea Parties Just Might Be a Perfect Fit

There is no shortage of potential customers.

An Ideal Solution to Boost Revenue

Complementary businesses such as tea rooms, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, children’s oriented venues and Princess Parties easily cross promote and work well together.

The Business Expander : Created to Fix a Problem

My easy to follow and implement online training course on How To Run a Successful Princess Tea Party Business, helps a small business owner create a new income stream quickly, at low cost, without spending time and money recreating the wheel.

Learn the Princess Party Business Like a Pro

An expert-led Course with everything you need to know to add Princess Parties to your business successfully.

  • Learn detailed information on party formula, theming, pricing, party packages, party prep, running parties, marketing, advertising, customer interface , acquiring inventory, advertising, customer service, efficient customer interface, reservations and contracts and communication, much more.
  • Become aware of all the fundamental aspects of the business, from starting-up to scaling-up, much more.

Come away with a clear plan on how to implement a successful business strategy.

Meet Lisa.

Business Owners,

Do you want to see your income grow this year?

The market for kids’ birthday parties remains huge with estimated annual revenues in the $3 Billion range, as celebrating birthdays is a continuously replenishing event.

Princess Parties are a stand alone niche catering primarily to younger girls whose parents are willing to pay top dollar for the unique experience.

Now, with a Training like The Business Expander, it is much easier and faster to add a party service to create a new income stream at low cost without having to do much leg work.

It is all laid out in a structured format so you can learn faster and reach your goals of generating new income quickly.

Now is the time, as the event industry is seeing an uptick in business as families are planning to gather for birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, again.

Think of it. What more could you ask for when considering a new income stream than low cost, premium pricing, and constant demand?

Did I mention how Princess Parties are so much fun that you’ll have the time of your life hosting each and every one of them?

To your success,


Dream parties that make any girl feel like a princess.

“I’m sitting here looking at party venues and there is literally almost no competition in this area for tea parties. I already have a small children’s boutique but want to add a revenue stream.” LaDonna, Marietta, GA


The Princess Party CoachThe Business Expander  $349                                                                            $199

Tailored for The Busy Business Owner


Streamlined Training

Consistent, quality training, tools, advice, and information within your budget.

No Guesswork

You’ll never have to guess what to do next with an easy to follow step-by-step program.

Makes Implementation Easy

Easy to follow and implement. Anyone can do it. Detailed information on theming, pricing, party packages, party prep, running parties, marketing, advertising, customer interface and more, all in one place.

Focused On You

The entire course is focused on teaching you how to create an additional income stream to your business. All audio coaching is recorded by Lisa.

Create new income, grow your business…and have fun doing it.

Princess Tea Parties are easy and with the right approach, they practically sell themselves.


Our Customers Love Us

“I am so grateful that I had this kit and Lisa to guide me through the process of how to run a successful business. You even get the etiquette course to help you conduct etiquette classes to generate more income!”

Sonya, Maryland


Sonya, Once Upon a Teacup

“Lisa’s Tea Party Business Kit works!!! It has helped me start my own Tea Party business in Maryland, Once Upon a Teacup, LLC. I’ve been mobile, but now I’m ready to get that retail space. Thank you so much Lisa!

– Sonya (Prince Georges, MD)

Kay, HospitaliTea

“I love being with kids and Princess Parties seemed like a natural way to add business to my teashop. The Course really helped stream line the process”

– Kay (HospitaliTea, IL)

Rhietta, Learninghive

” This is the resource I have been looking for.”

– RheittaLearninghive, GA

Crystal, Virginia

“Lisa Rose is very knowledgeable about this business and I value the depth of knowledge and expertise she shares and outlines in this kit. Miss Lisa Rose is very pleasant and I appreciate how responsive she is to my questions. I honestly believe she wants me to succeed and I appreciate that..”

  Crystal, Virginia

Looking for Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line? No Problem.

Learn the Princess Party Business Like a Pro!

Featuring all of the tools, information, and resources needed 

  • Adds extra revenue to your business quickly, saving time and money in the process;
  • Cross promote and economize on overhead creating an enhanced economy of scale; 
  • Allows you to offer a service your clients already want and need without you having to do any of the research or leg work;
  • Being able to trust that you are using a proven business model based on 20+ years of hands on experience;
  • Low start-up cost and minimal overhead;
  • Enhances your primary business by exposing it to new customers as a direct result of offering Princess Tea Parties
  • Sell more of your core products to a wider customer base.

The Princess Party Business Model:

Low Cost, Premium Pricing, Steady Demand

Industry Standard $350+ Per Party (markets may vary)

Do you have room in your schedule to host several parties per weekend?

It is all laid out so that you or any trusted employee can roll out your exciting new service and begin increasing your bottom line right away.

What comes with the Business Expander?


  • 15 easy to follow learning modules covering: Planning (Part 1); Operating (Part 2); and Marketing (Part 3); a successful business.
  • 10+ Hours of audio coaching recorded by Lisa, guiding you through the process
  • 45+ checklists, worksheets, videos, and photos, graphics, covering all aspects of the Princess Tea Party business.
  • Digital tools for your marketing collateral including business cards, thank you cards, postcards, advertising copy etc.
  • Templates to help interact with customers, including reservation forms, email confirmation content, final guest count confirmation, special instructions, and more.
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of resources for you to use.
  • Unlimited Access to all training modules


  • Receive My Etiquette Workbooks FREE of Charge
  • 2 months FREE private Facebook Membership Group

You’ll set up a system that can work and keep working for YEARS!

And it only takes ONE WEEKEND, literally

I tell you everything that has worked for me . . . so you can work smarter too!

Expert training…step-by step

It’s simple, and easy to implement. No prior experience needed.


The Business Expander

Set Yourself Apart. Grow Your Business. Increase Revenues.

 By offering what your customers already need and want.

Don’t lose time. Get started now.


Learn the Princess Party Business Like a Pro!


How does this work?

It’s simple. The Ultimate Course is 100% ONLINE. Your course includes 15 easy to follow learning modules in an online format. Learn anywhere from any device with FREE life time access.

What Can I Expect?

In this Course you’ll learn how to run quality children’s tea parties, every time. You’ll participate in Six (6) Live Interactive Sessions; more than 10 hours of expert training, coaching, and support, by Lisa Rose, to also include tips, strategies, and insights on what to do and what not to do to enjoy a successful business.

Everything in the Course, including my personal coaching, is focused on teaching you how to implement a successful party service.

How Much Time Will I Commit?

A children’s tea party service is normally run on weekends. From 1-4 Parties per day can be accommodated depending upon venue. Parties can also be scheduled for weekdays particularly during school breaks.

How much can I expect to make?

Children’s tea parties of the quality standard taught in the Ultimate Course can bring in the range of $300-$400 per party of 6-10 children depending on your location. If the approach in the Course is applied, especially regarding cost and quality control, it is not unreasonable to net approximately $200-$300 per party, investing 2-3 hours of your time.

Is There Someone To Help Me?

As an Added Bonus, you receive an invitation to join our private Founding Member’s program, designed to provide advice, valuable direction, and tips, with like minded women in your niche. Lisa is committed to providing follow up support and encouragement when you need it, and also offers One on One Coaching services.

“Lisa did not hold back with sharing tips, successes, and failures she’s encountered over the years. She gave real advice, and instructed me on exactly what to do and not do in order to have a successful business.”

Felicia, Atlanta, GA

A training designed so that you can come away with a clear plan on how to implement a successful business strategy.


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