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How You Can Leave 9-5 behind

I remember life in my early 30’s.  It was clear sailing into tomorrow against a blue sky. I was chasing everywhere after three little kids, but I adored them and cherished the time together. It didn’t matter how insane I may have looked to anyone else. My purpose...

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Is a Lack of Flexibility Spoiling Your Mood?

"Flexibility is the biggest shift in American working conditions since the five-day workweek," says Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media. Ms. Evans understands the priceless value of flex time for modern working mothers. Their lives are more complicated....

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Hard Lessons from a Successful Single Mom

It’s been said that in life there will be trials. How about trial by fire with no prior notice? Invariably it seems, when you have the fastball timed, you never saw the curveball coming. A little inside baseball from my dad. Chris Widener is a motivational speaker,...

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Check this Out Real Quick

In What Really Matters... Women are Way Better Off than We Thought! Check it Out! Are we Kicking Butt? Why Settle for This Then? Women everywhere are taking charge of their destiny and improving their lives by becoming their own boss. And you know what? We're doing...

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Why Live Beneath Your Potential?

It’s been said that if you want to know where you’ll be in a couple of years, look at who you are spending your time with today. Are the people around you those who build you up and bring promise into your life? Do they empower you to believe that you can reach...

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If the Shoe Fits

It took me a while to realize that when Louisa May Alcott said “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship,” it was also intended for me. Many women feel it is a leap of faith to believe we have the wherewithal to set sail on our own. I can...

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Irresistible Benefits of Confidence

Why will only half as many women become entrepreneurs in the next few years as will men? Here comes the word “confidence” again to explain this gender-based phenomenon, according to an article by Maria Russo at One would think that with the steady stream...

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No More Fear!

How about this for a fantastic, yet little-known fact: While women do not own nearly as many businesses as men, the companies they do own tend to be more successful! After 17 years in business for myself, I am not surprised. This is a very big deal according to a...

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Desperately Want to Avoid 9-5?

START A PRINCESS TEA PARTY BUSINESS Are you a working mother in a 9-5 job or facing that prospect? If you are like most moms, being available for your kids is at the top of your priority list, while having a professional life and supporting your family would make...

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