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Why Exercise is Really Worth it for Women in Business

We go out of our way to exercise for all of its health benefits and to look and feel fit and sexy. You hire a trainer, take classes, and jog along the water, because it’s also time away from the daily routine and it feels awesome to get the blood flowing. Who would...

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Why Focus on Risk Instead of Happiness?

Men are fascinating in the way they go about analyzing, attacking and solving problems. From a woman’s point of view, it looks a little like a real-life “game of thrones,” only in a suit and tie. Bless their hearts. If you are not familiar, SWOT is an...

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Women Crave This

Women are empowering each other like never before. The movement is gathering strength across the globe. In reaching new milestones by overcoming obstacles, we are accomplishing great things everywhere. It is a beautiful thing, and it is not limited to unleashing...

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Article for 24/7

How a Mother of 3 Started a Weekend Business to Bring in $20,000 in Extra Family Income
I am offering an all-inclusive, step by step, “Business In a Box”, drawn from my many years of proven success, that will help immensely toward establishing a successful weekend Princess Tea Party business, and is the exact road map I used in business for the past 17 years. Read More
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How Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand

In a piece for entrepreneur magazine, writer Mark Flaharty defines a new approach to marketing for business owners and marketers. He says the secret is in “mastering 21st-century dating relationships.” The idea is to move through stages of talking and getting to...

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20+ Jobs for Moms seeking Work-Life Balance

Are you in a job that meets your needs for balance between work and family life? Chances are, you are not. Situations like that are difficult to come by these days especially if you are raising kids. Mainstream jobs usually keep your mind on them 24/7,...

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1 Thing for Women to Overcome in Starting a Business

What comes to mind if I say “to heck with it, I’m going for it?” It might be asking someone out, entering a marathon, applying for a job, or starting a business. When it comes to starting a business, the lack of confidence is what stops most women. Personally, the...

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Understanding Working Moms

Do you feel overwhelmed at times, and worry about missing out on the kids growing up? In the quiet of midnight, are you lying awake and wondering where the time has gone? How could life be different if you took a chance and banked on your ability to succeed on your...

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