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Walls and Doors

  The barriers to entry for small business are much lower today, especially for women, than they were when I launched my business. With the internet and a vast array of social media conduits available, it is not difficult to instantly cast a wide net in your...

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How to Become a Success in Business

 I have been a lifetime admirer of the musician, Van Morrison. It's been said that all one needs is a little Van the Man in your life to make each day much brighter. In his early work, in particular, his music struck a joyful optimistic tone and brought alive the...

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Best Tip Ever: Ignore Her at Your Peril

A woman's home is her Castle and a savvy, tenacious home builder fighting for market share in tough times caught on. Past convention had always been that men were allowed the big decisions so why a sudden change to appeal to women? It is never complicated. Consumer...

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Why I’m Happy

Things are not always what they appear to be. So often it seems that life is a game of random chance.  Perhaps, but you are forever grateful when you or someone you love happens to be in the right place at the right time, random or otherwise? Don"t Dismiss Ordinary...

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7 Ways to Change Your Fortunes in Business

A great way to experience genuine success is through giving of yourself. Through honesty, generosity, and respect for others, your horizons expand and thus opportunities in life . We all know how it feels to be with someone who is more of a taker than a giver. It...

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Interview with 5 Minutes for

Finding Balance as a Working Mom
Lisa recently did an interview about managing to perfectly balance her work life and family life while doing something she loves. She also talks about how she is now helping other moms to follow her path. Read More
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Happiness Shouldn’t be Complicated

Desire and imagination can join spirituality to produce prosperity in your life. It is a misconception to believe that they are mutually exclusive. There is powerful energy in prosperity and happiness. They work together. I believe that spiritual depth,...

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2 Awesome Reasons to Play in a League of Your Own

Remember the old Tom Hanks movie “A League of Their Own" about a women’s professional baseball league during World War II? I love the part where his drunken character complains “there’s no crying in baseball.” OK, that was a plaintive wail about women getting...

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Birthday Parties Japanese Style

It is an enduring tradition holding value universally unlike any other throughout the world, engaging every young girl’s dream to be a princess, serve tea and hold court among her friends.
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