I Quit…Sort Of

There is no doubt in your mind you want to start something for yourself. Something meaningful and inspiring. It's takes a determination to break free from grip of living in a world of vulnerability, but you can do it. It's going from a state of constant vulnerability to an energy of fearlessness.
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I Saw Her Face

An innocent child's face revealing the unfiltered truth. Like most kids, she anticipated her party for weeks and just wanted her dream to come true and be a star on her birthday with all of her little friends gathered around her. Didn't happen.
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New Products Alert! Two New Business Training Kits from Lisa Rose

Someone's been busy! I've used the downtime in my brick and mortar business to improve and expand my ONLINE PRODUCTS, developing new ways to make it easier for you to pursue your dream, start a side business, add on to your existing business, and generate income. If you're interested in this side business, the door is wide open to you!
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Thoughts for When This is Over

After 13 years in business, economic conditions brought my husband’s consulting firm to a halt and along with it went his income. He was in the housing industry, and in the year 2012 job prospects in that line of work were bleak. We had 3 kids in college. You can imagine the widespread panic! I mean, just the thought of keeping pace with that monstrous expense was a nightmare you can't wake up from.
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Want To Increase Your Income?

If you are interested in adding income to your existing business, or starting etiquette training as a stand- alone enterprise, Lisa Rose will soon be introducing a brand new and improved  “Manners are Cool” Etiquette  Kit complete with audio and video coaching and demonstrations covering an entire course curriculum so that you can quickly and easily begin an etiquette program, saving you a tremendous amount of time and money in the process.
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Don’t Let this Quarantine Make You Weaker

Being hunkered down at home doesn't mean curl up in a ball and surrender. Come out of this stronger! Learn something about yourself. Develop a new skill I won't mince words. I"m developing something COMING SOON, that  will help you not only survive but flourish in...

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It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

Suddenly, everything went upside down. My job is on hold, we're hunkered down at home, and all I can find is time. Nothing seems real, and time doesn't seem as valuable as it did a few short weeks ago.  My day feels like a muddled mess. Is this you?
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There is a Great Energy in 2020

An energy to inspire people to see more clearly, to meet challenges, accomplish goals, and provide leadership. We awaken every day with tension and anxiety waiting to be served with the morning news. Let's change that. Rise above the Chaos
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