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Open a Weekend Oriented, Franchise Type Business

You can open your own weekend oriented, franchise type business at less than 5% of the normal franchise start up fees and costs, and earn a great part=time or full-time income. With a franchise, you'll open your doors $175,000 in debt and have to do things...

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My Story

How a Mother of 3 Started a Weekend Business to Bring in $20,000 in Extra Family Income This is the story of how a mother of three started a weekend business that not only brought in extra part-time income, it let her stay a full-time mom. In the beginning, my life...

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A Day in Paradise

 Manners are Cool! Yesterday was a State Holiday. Kids were out of school and guess what? My "Manners are Cool" Etiquette class was filled. Actually, the date was reserved by parents a month ago. It's been happening that way for 20 years now, ever since I started...

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Get Your Dream Job

Finding a Way  If you don't like the situation you're in, there are plenty of ways to say it's over and stride out the door. It's easy if you try If you think too long about it, you'll lose courage. Get on with it. There is absolutely something to be said for...

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The Beauty of Being Right

The Beauty of Being Right I thought I could make an extra $2,000/MONTH AS A STAY-AT-HOME MOM. As it turns out I was right, and it happened a little faster than I anticipated. Being a stay-at-home mom or a working woman is not easy Between a job, playing the roles...

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It’s a Brand New Year. Let’s Get this Party Started!

For the new year, instead of scrambling to come up with another (short-lived) resolution, get out and enjoy some exercise to start things off with a boom. Come on now. Treating yourself to some regular vigorous exercise will have you feeling healthy, looking fit,...

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Take it Personal

Are you working in the corporate world but feel miscast in a role that just doesn’t suit you? Take heart,  you have lots of company. Things are changing fast just not fast enough For many of you out there, the road to financial freedom and independence still winds...

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What Motivates Women

What Motivates Women to Become Entrepreneurs? This question was asked of women in many different walks of life and there were some surprising answers. But there was a universal commonality in their answers also, which in all honesty as a female entrepreneur myself,...

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Exciting Trends in the Birthday Party Industry

Exciting Trends in the Birthday Party Industry Trends in the Birthday Party Industry If you enjoy being around young children and are looking for a business in a growth industry, you will want to check out these trends. During the past 15 years, children’s birthday...

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Priness Tea Party

An Ideal Business and Love Have These 7 Things in Common

 Walls and Doors The barriers to entry for small business are much lower today, especially for women, than they were when I launched my business. With the internet and a vast array of social media conduits available, it is not difficult to instantly cast a wide net...

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