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Finding the Right Business

Find the right business and measure your success not just by whether you made a profit, but by whether you a difference. Your own business enables you to have more flexibility in your life, make a difference in your customers lives and have more financial control over your income.
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Scoop Up These Success Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

It is just so invigorating to take on a challenge, no matter how big or small, simple or complex, and experience the sweet feeling of success when an idea works out even remotely close to the way you planned it. Add to that the flexibility and freedom from  financial limitations that come with a regular 9-5 job, and you can see why more and more women are encouraged to start their own venture.
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Simple Rules for Starting a Side Business

You simply must have a clear and simple purpose for doing it. If you have no particular purpose for going into business but rather just a reason, like making money, or getting out of a corporate job, it will be tough to convince others to invest with you or buy your product.
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Surefire Ways to Change Negativity

Would you change negative patterns to positives in your life if you knew how? Here's some good news! You can do it and create lasting, meaningful change in your life .
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Overcome the Fear of Failure in Business

Failure as the Key to Success in Business

When billionaire Sara Blakely was growing up, her father would often ask her the same question at dinnertime, "What have you failed at this week?" Known for every woman's favorite shapewear, Spanx founder, and CEO, Blakely's embrace of failure has made her the...

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The Value of Etiquette and Life Skills Training for Young Children Good Manners are essential for every child’s self- confidence and success in life. We all want our children to be well-mannered, but also know it can be hard to convince them to practice the virtues...

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