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Irresistible Benefits of Confidence

Why will only half as many women become entrepreneurs in the next few years as will men? Here comes the word “confidence” again to explain this gender-based phenomenon, according to an article by Maria Russo at One would think that with the steady stream...

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No More Fear!

How about this for a fantastic, yet little-known fact: While women do not own nearly as many businesses as men, the companies they do own tend to be more successful! After 17 years in business for myself, I am not surprised. This is a very big deal according to a...

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Desperately Want to Avoid 9-5?

START A PRINCESS TEA PARTY BUSINESS Are you a working mother in a 9-5 job or facing that prospect? If you are like most moms, being available for your kids is at the top of your priority list, while having a professional life and supporting your family would make...

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Resolutions Alone Won’t Cut the Muster

Are you one for writing New Year’s Resolutions? You know, those one-liners about losing weight, changing jobs, or whatever it is you want to start or stop doing? I’ve been ambivalent about it through the years. I’ve had periods where I do nothing and others where...

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Is Self Doubt Affecting Your Mindset?

The world is waiting, so what’s holding you back? According to private and public collectors of this type of information, women account for 87% of all consumers but represent only about 30% of businesses owned. It is men selling to women for the most part. Now,...

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Positive Trends for Women Entrepreneurs

As the mother of two daughters and a woman in business, I am always interested in learning about anything that promotes women’s ability to pursue their dreams. I found a quick but interesting article by Shawn Hessinger in a recent edition of Small Business Trends...

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Customers Will Pay for an Awesome Experience

In a recent article for Entrepreneur magazine, Mike Templeman writes that when it comes to pricing your product, “don’t be the cheapest, be the best.” The author notes that founders of startups entering a competitive market are concerned about how to price their...

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Enjoy Life as a Mompreneur

In the past, being a mom and a woman in business would be considered mutually exclusive jobs. It is no longer the case, as women are rapidly becoming the primary engine of growth in entrepreneurship in many parts of the world. How can women manage to pour energy...

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