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Getting Your Piece of the Pie

Belief in the process is about empowering yourself, and after a while, you’ll be surprised at how clear and determined you are to get where you want to go. For women and working mothers, in particular, time and flexibility are precious. It’s natural to want to stay a mom and look for professional fulfillment. It is doable if you look far and wide for that little jewel that might otherwise go unnoticed.
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A Growing Trend in Women Owned Businesses

The growth rate of sidepreneurship for women between 2014 and 2019 has been far greater than for all women-owned businesses: 39% vs. 21%." "And it was twice as high for minority women-owned businesses than all sidepreneur businesses (65%). By far, the highest growth rate in the number of sidepreneur ventures has been among African-American women — triple that for all businesses."
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Activate Your Girl Power

Everyone could use some extra money, and a side gig is a great way to make it happen. Pick the right side hustle, and you could eventually turn your quest for extra cash into a brand-new career.
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Your Birthday Has a Back Story

In my Princess Tea Party business, more than 7,500 little princesses have closed their eyes, made a wish, and blown out the candles on their birthday cupcake, hoping their dreams come true. Now, when I light the candles and we sing the happy birthday song, I appreciate it with deeper insight, adding a little silent prayer of protection for these precious little one's.
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The Value of Life Skills Training for Young Children

As children practice what they are taught in the sessions, they begin to develop habits of being considerate, understanding, and respectful of others. They learn to share and respect the space of others including family members as well as when they are guests outside the home. It is a firm step in the right direction for parents to do what it takes to instill positive social skills to help their children through life.
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Little Known Beliefs About Children’s Birthdays

One fascinating difference is that many people celebrate their birthdays in accordance with the lunar calendar. Consequently, the date of their birthday changes every year. In more fully indulging the connection between birthday and the universe, many people celebrate according to both the lunar and solar calendar. In so doing they will celebrate with family on their lunar birthday and friends according to their solar birthday. Sounds like fun!
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Birthdays Japanese Style

As is the custom almost everywhere, without first singing “Happy Birthday” nothing else happens.   In Japan, it’s often sung in English and by tradition in the dark.It is an enduring tradition holding value universally unlike any other throughout the world
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Woman 50+Have Much More to Discover

If you've been a stay at home mom with the kids now out of the house, isn't it about darn time you went out and did something fun for yourself that doesn't involve running a taxi service, an urgent care, or being a short order cook? Come on... coordinating and managing a household is far more difficult than running a small business.
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Finding Harmony as a Working Mom

I was looking for a way to help bring in financial support and stay a full-time mom to make sure I could be involved with the kids and not miss out on them growing up. I really enjoy being around young kids. What I found was a weekend-oriented business that allowed me to stay active with my kids and work on improving my business during the week, and handle business on the weekends. In this type of a situation your partner or a family member can watch the kids on the weekend and it worked out very well.
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