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Have you arrived in that uncomfortable place with job, family, and the kids, where something’s got to give?

Are you in a situation where you need a job that gives you flexibility to move and travel from one place to another?

It’s time to either balance family life and the 9-5 grind, or find a better way to help support your family.

Do you want to build something on your own while staying true to your family although you’re not sure what that would be?

Putting family first is your natural instinct, however, working full time and managing a family is becoming increasingly unfulfilling.

Admit it. You want more time for yourself, your family, and the important things in life.

I know of a great way you can stay a full time mom, help support your family, and have a moment to yourself once in a while!

I found it by starting a Children’s Etiquette and Life Skills training Business. I call it “Manners are Cool!”

Think of it. I can build a business while being a great mom.

It is a more realistic income opportunity than you think. I knew nothing about going into business, but here I am 20 years later having accomplished all three goals.

You can do it too. Take this little 7 question quiz:

Do I believe in myself to operate a small (home based) business successfully?

This is a simple and easy to learn program that can have you in business in no time with the proper attention to detail and the drive and determination to persevere and succeed.

Am I patient and do I truly enjoy working with young children?

A Manners and Etiquette training service is all about catering to someone else’s child.

Can I do that?

If you truly enjoy kids, you can flourish in a children’s oriented business.

Am I organized and practical enough to plan modest marketing efforts, schedule class formation, organize a space and prepare basic materials dedicated to the Etiquette training sessions ?

Having a time tested, step by step program to follow in the Manners are Cool handbook is a huge startup advantage and key to avoiding costly, or discouraging mistakes. It gives you confidence to get started, knowing it is the road map developed and used successfully for the past 20 years.

Do we live in an area large enough to support my business

An average class session is between 8-10 students. This is a high demand service with parents who want their kids to learn these core values, but are strapped for time to teach them properly. A reasonably sized community with a surrounding population is sufficient. You can also go mobile and bring your services to other areas with proper advertising.

Am I prepared to trade weekends or some evenings in return for the rewards, benefits, and flexibility this type of business offers?

This is a big one!  Weekends are usually reserved for family time, so some soul searching goes into making the decision to enter a weekend oriented business.  But, that is the beauty of this business as well.  You have an opportunity to make full time income through a part time commitment doing something you love.  There are trade-offs in everything worthwhile. You can add terrific additional income to your household, and possibly phase out that 9-5 altogether!

The Children’s Etiquette and Life Skills training business is all about teaching and encouraging young kids to believe in and learn that Manners and Respectful behavior are Cool, and will benefit them with making friends, getting along at home, and in school. Is this something I feel comfortable promoting?

Sure! Why Not!

I want FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY, while doing my part to meet our family’s financial needs. Is this really possible or a pipe dream?

Twenty years ago, I wished I had a good handbook or a training course to hit the ground running, and avoid costly start up mistakes. I managed to succeed without it, but now, with all these years of experience am offering that exact road map for your benefit.

The Manners are Cool Children’s Etiquette Handbook offers you a solid start and a simple easy program to use as your guide!

There is no guesswork and it need not be complicated. Simply be willing to put in the time and do the leg work.

Parents will pay for the value of a stress free, quality experience which pays dividends at home, in the classroom, and in other social settings.

There, you made it through the Quiz.  If you answered yes to even half of these 7 questions, do yourself a favor and look into the Manners are Cool Handbook for this simple, easy to master, and low cost business.

It is your insurance policy to have time for the important things in life!

Click on the link below for the Handbooks offered at a very small price, exclusively by

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