Ready or not, you are standing at a crossroads. and the direction you choose will influence the rest of your life.

Are you part of the “she-cession,” a stunning rise in job loss for women— be it layoffs, — or otherwise?

This is for you.

Even if you have not quit or been laid off, are you starting to get the message that you have all this expertise, but nobody values it anymore?

Most employers don’t do a true assessment of who is continuing to add value to the company. They just say, well, at a certain age, you’ll no longer be useful.

Most of the women I speak to are looking for help because they are unhappy with their current jobs, and they want something new that will not only contribute to household income, but put their creative talents to use.

Here’s the first thing I tell them:

That “sell by date” assigned by corporate HR…They’re full of it. It doesn’t apply to you.

Here’s what I also relate from personal experience:

You can find success in both your work life and your home life.  Maybe the fact is you don’t want to endure an unbearably expensive commute or go in to the office anymore. You’re not alone. There’s a whole movement in that direction.

And then this:

I was  40 when I quit my job and haven’t regretted it even once. I’m 64 now.

It was a sudden and surprising change, and was hard to enter the unknown, but I looked at the bright side and it’s appeal far outweighs the eventual burnout and unhappiness that was sure to come had I stayed.


You have to find the courage to choose work that makes you happy.

I started my business at age 40 with no experience whatsoever and have made a success of it for 24 years now.

Opening a part-time business catering to children was the solution to putting excitement and purpose into my work life that came with flexibility and an income.

I don’t know what you are planning to do next with your precious time. Maybe you are thinking of taking a break and using the time off to consider your options.

I will say this:

Whether you are in a position to or not, retiring too early is a mistake. Boredom will age you worse than a job you can’t stand.

So what are the alternatives?

It just may be that right now is your once in a lifetime opportunity to stop and recognize that you have it in you, and a part-time start up is your best option.

If you want to learn how to start a part-time Princess Party/Children’s Etiquette boutique, I make it easy by guiding you through the process, demonstrating how I started and successfully run my business to this day.

The Princess Party Business Kit was developed for this purpose as the resource you can rely on over and over to achieve the results you are looking for.

The Kit is available at a price you can afford so you can make progress without spending a lot of time and money up front.

The value of the training and information exceeds the cost, and no special skills or previous experience are needed to get started.

The Princess Party Business is not for everyone,

But, hearing from customers how excited they are to get started on their new adventure, I know from experience it will probably turn out to be the best choice they’ve ever made to find success in their work life and home life.

You’re at a Crossroads.



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