About Me

I’m passionate about helping women find fulfillment in your own business!

You may be feeling uncertain about your job, find it unfulfilling, but need to stay put for the income and the benefits.

Perhaps you simply need to generate extra income, or your personal circumstances limit your ability to work a traditional 9-5,

Or, have you always wanted to be in business for yourself but are waiting for that “perfect time” when you feel totally prepared?

I understand.  It’s why I got creative 20 years ago and started organizing weekend Princess Tea Parties in 1998, and have never looked back!

Now, thankfully, I’m in a position to help other women who need flexibility, supplemental income, or seek to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

I’ve taken my expertise from over 7,500 parties and compiled it all in one place to save you from having to piece it together from all over the internet.

Doesn’t it make sense to pay a small price to learn straight from someone who’s been through it all?

The Children’s Tea Party Business Kit is a step-by-step program teaching a fun and exciting side business that actually makes you money!

More importantly, it takes away much of the fear of trying something on your own, because the program is all spelled out for you. All you have to do is follow it.

I take pride in providing expert training and support while teaching every step necessary to help get you open for business.

So, at a price you can afford, you receive the help you need from over two decades of lessons learned,  on how to make money by making kids and parents smile.

Enjoy the Ride! Read more about Lisa’s story.

“I was always concerned about the upfront costs of my wife starting

a business but this was cost-effective and she’s loving it. We all win.”
Peter, California

Voted “Best Kiddie Birthday Party” in 2006 by Honolulu Magazine

Voted “Best Place for a Girl’s Birthday Party,” 2013 by readers of Honolulu Family Magazine

Successful Mom-prenuer with 20 years event planning experience

A Beginner's e-Book to starting a weekend tea party business. It's filled with very useful, relevant content, and insider tips you won’t find anywhere else.

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