Staring at the clock? Is it time for something new?

Wish you could just skip it today?

If you wake up in the morning and are not happy with what you are doing, you can do better. Feeling sad or even fearful of the day ahead needs to be put behind you.

I wanted to become an entrepreneur in part because I was afraid of becoming trapped in a comfortable job that never led to a richer life. Stagnation is what I was wary of, not necessarily a concern about going out on my own and struggling or being financially strapped.

For you, or for someone else?

It is all about a sense of freedom and a richer life experience. This is not to say success wouldn’t happen working for someone else. It could’ve been all right working corporate, but either way it was going to involve working long hours and I wanted to be on my terms and where I’d be rewarded for it.

First and foremost, do what you love, even if it doesn’t make you rich and famous. This is where you will find contentment.

As an entrepreneur you earn money by creating value

You work harder as an entrepreneur than you would working for someone else, but I knew that going in and I’ve loved the journey. I’d do every second of it all over again… but hopefully make fewer mistakes.

Above all, it’s about solving problems

It’s what I love to do. It is a reward like no other to recognize and solve problems on your own and reap the immediate benefit of the solution.

Doing something on your own comes with a stunningly beautiful sense of freedom and accountability, and some uncertainty and a nervous moment here and there.

If you are wondering if you fit in as someone who can succeed in a venture of your own, believe me, it is not that complicated. See if any of the following resonates with you. If you find a match, it is time for something new!

  • You may be feeling uncertain about your job, find it unfulfilling, but need to stay put for the income and the benefits.
  • Perhaps you simply need to generate extra income, or your personal circumstances limit your ability to work a traditional 9-5,
  • Or, have you always wanted to be in business for yourself but are waiting for that “perfect time” when you feel totally prepared?
  • Your creativity shows an independent streak and doesn’t always fit the corporate environment.
  • You don’t want a lifestyle totally bound to nine to five. You want more flexibility.
  • They are passionate about learning – Entrepreneurs are never satiated with the knowledge they have- they are always seeking more.
  • You’re the Boss – and that allows you the freedom to adjust more rapidly than large companies.
  • You can make your own schedule – The reality is that most business owners may  work long hours, however, as your own boss  you make your own hours and really take control of your work/ life schedule.
  • You can control your own destiny- Since you’re the captain of the ship, you decide the pace at which you want to grow and which opportunities to pursue.

Hat Tip attribution Khushi Gupta; Michael Frash


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