The series of disruptive and unpredictable events swinging like a pendulum through our lives the past 18 months serve as a wake- up call to understand that contentment, happiness and peace are not attained solely through outside sources. They are inspired from within.

For all its traumatic effect, perhaps a silver lining flashes through the dense cloud of uncertainty we face today. As I look at the world, it seems to have triggered a revelation that spirituality and prosperity go hand in glove with upward mobility and job satisfaction.

For the past several decades, women have emerged as much more than primary consumers in the business equation. We are motivated to innovate, and well equipped to succeed as entrepreneurs.

All with clarity of purpose, which is the essential component of success because it unleashes the tremendous power of belief and possibility.

That potent blend of thought and desire is how I got into the Princess Tea Party business 23 years ago in1998. It was clear to me that I wanted to prioritize my family over a job, and that I enjoyed being around young children.

I was able to create an ideal part-time business as a mother and contribute to the community I served by offering parties to worthy causes such as Make a Wish, a Foundation for children with terminal illnesses, and other charities along the way. Nothing compares to seeing the happiness in that child’s eyes.

Maybe I was unwittingly ahead of the curve.

I wanted happiness and flexibility, which meant to be with my family, and achieve financial success at the same time.
My business is the bridge connecting desire and passion with abundance and success.

There is huge difference between simply having a dream, and summoning the will to pursue and fulfill your dream.

More of us everyday are realizing that life is too short to sit idly, by watching their dreams fade and slip away. In greater numbers they are committing to what inspires them.

How about you?.

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