I have good news!

For years, my customers have asked if I would personally train them so they could achieve a better focus and learn the business faster. That’s why I’ve developed the Ultimate Course.

I’ve gone ahead with an ambitious program to improve my ONLINE PRODUCTS, developing new ways to make it easier for you to more seriously pursue your dream, start a side business, add on to your existing business, and generate more income.


First, I am so excited to announce a completely remodeled Business Kit product called The ULTIMATE COURSE, which is  my comprehensive online training program on How To Run a Successful, Profitable Party Business,  now a 2 month training featuring six Live Interactive sessions keeping you accountable and focused on maintaining your learning on pace to reach your goals.

How many of you have spent good money on a course or some other type of training with all good intentions only to lose motivation to continue right after you open it up? You see it in your download file and pass it by however the guilt is hard to ignore, isn’t it.

The ULTIMATE COURSE is about fixing that problem. If you want to learn the Princess Party business, our live interactive process is going to make that happen.

The remodeling didn’t stop with the addition of the INTERACTIVE component. The Ultimate Course features all the tools, information, and resources of my Business Kit,


  • Greater ease of access and effortless program navigation,

  • Streamlined learning platform

  • Embracing personal accountability

  • Learning with like minded women

  • 2 months of live training with Lisa

  • Q & A sessions with Lisa and fellow entrepreneurs

  • Reach your milestones faster and efficiently

This is all so you can actually Learn the Princess Party Business Like a Pro! and get seriously behind starting your business.

So, here’s the bottom line. You can let another dream fade and go by the wayside or use the energy and support of a live interactive training to hold your feet to the fire and accomplish your goals.

For You Business Owners

Your business and Princess Tea Parties just might be a perfect fit. They are an ideal solution to boost revenue. Princess Parties and many complementary businesses such as tea rooms, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, children’s oriented venues easily cross promote and work well together.

That’s where my new BUSINESS EXPANDER COURSE comes in as an easy to follow and implement online training format designed to help a small business owner create a new income stream quickly, at low cost, without spending money and  losing time  recreating the wheel.

It is a tailored training so you can:

  • Learn detailed information on party formula,

  • Theming and pricing,

  • Party packages,

  • Party prep, running parties,

  • Marketing, advertising,

  • Customer interface ,

  • Acquiring inventory,

  • Customer service,

  • Efficient customer interface,

  • Reservations and contracts and,

  • Communication, much more.

If you are interested in creating new income, expanding your business, and having fun doing it, the BUSINESS EXPANDER COURSE is for you.


All in all it’s about streamlined learning and individual accountability.

I want to get the word out because if you start working on it now you’ll be ready to explode your Princess Party service ahead of the competition as the economy catches fire again.

A nice income from a side business or business add-on can lead to your financial happiness anytime, but even more so in times like these.

High Demand

Celebrations are a $3.4 Billion industry.

People want to get out, celebrate special occasions, and provide their children with a unique experience especially now after being cooped up and unable to gather with friends for so long..

It doesn’t take much money to get started, so, you’ll make the investment in your training back sooner than you thought possible. 

So Much Fun and It Actually Makes You Money!

Wanna Make Work Fun Again, And Make Money Too?

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