Remember the old Tom Hanks movie “A League of Their Own” about a women’s professional baseball league during World War II? I love the part where his drunken character complains “there’s no crying in baseball.”

OK, that was a plaintive wail about women getting emotional in what at the time was considered a male domain, but it brings to mind an inspiring quote about entrepreneurship proclaiming “there is no trying, only doing or not doing.” Now that applies to both sexes equally.

If you are even remotely thinking about starting a business, the first thing to know is that above coming up with the next big idea, an unwavering determination to go forward and put a plan into action is what ultimately carries the day.

I’m sorry to say, but giving it a good try and hoping things work out is not enough.  You must persevere through whatever tribulation comes your way, be it flak from friends and relatives who say it can’t be done, unforeseen logistical or creative setbacks you might encounter, or whatever lightning happens to strike.

Keep going and never underestimate yourself. My advice is to not question too deeply your fitness as an entrepreneur or whether you are capable of running a business.

Honestly, when I was working for other people, I never thought much of the idea of being in business for myself. Now, almost twenty years into it, I wonder what the heck I was thinking.

There are people far less qualified than you launching businesses and succeeding simply because they think that they can. It was probably that way for them in high school too.

The truth is, while it is surely not for everybody, just like big wave riding or skydiving isn’t either, we do tend to exaggerate what an entrepreneur is. It doesn’t take a creative genius or huge business IQ in order to make it.

What it does take is desire, confidence, and a determination to see the big picture and navigate through the rough spots as they arise.

Everyone needs some encouragement and a little extra motivation to see them through, especially when just starting out. Here are 10 Inspirational quotes that just might help. 

You and I likely have much in common. We are moms or women who may not have a special gift or the next big idea propelling us into business.  I believed in myself and was lucky to have other people that did as well. Not everyone, though. There were naysayers.

Words of encouragement from people who walked the trail before me had a way of coming at the right time, and I was grateful for that.

I won’t say that going into the Princess Tea Party business almost 20 years ago was always a piece of cake, but the joy of it made it feel easy.

I loved the idea of party planning and making young kids happy. The fact that it gave me flexibility during the week to be with my own three kids didn’t hurt either.

Awesome reason to go into this business #1: “No Employees!”

And the best reason of all to play this game? “No childcare!”

Unless you already have a blueprint to beat the 9-5 blues, stay a  full-time mom, and, bring in extra family income, look into my Princess Tea Party Business in a Box.

It puts you in a league of your own.

The Princess Tea Party business is fun, flexible, and lucrative. Now, with nearly 20 years of experience, I am helping other women achieve the same joy and satisfaction I have experienced by offering my “Business in a Box.” It is the exact road map I followed to start and operate a successful business made easy for those interested in the business for themselves. No prior business experience is necessary, and no franchise fees. Learn More Here

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