Wouldn’t you like a high paying job that you can enjoy and actually keep?

Stay with me because it isn’t so far fetched or out of reach for you.

Building Income Streams

Right now is a time to learn how important it is to build income streams besides a 9-5, so that maybe one day soon you can forget about being dependent on working for someone else.

I’ve always loved being in business for myself.

It has produced a lifetime of beautiful memories, allowed me the time and money to do things a job could never have afforded, and, after 23 years, I have something of real value should I ever decide to sell.                                                                                 

Trying to get your attention

For the past couple of years I’ve been offering tips and advice in these blogs in the hopes of inspiring you to break out of whatever holds you back and take steps to join the legions of women choosing to do something for themselves.

I’ve even developed and made available a business training program focused on How to Start, Operate, and Market a business like mine.

I take pride in providing expert training and support while teaching every step necessary to help get you open for business.

Going for it is actually fun

It’s a lot of fun and you receive the help you need from over two decades of lessons learned,  on how to make money by making kids and parents smile.

The training has been well received by nearly 200 women who who have invested in themselves and are at various stages of getting their dream jobs underway.

But not everyone sees the opportunity right away or truly understands how much better life can be when you are taking control of your own personal and financial well being.

People, maybe even you, are afraid of making the wrong choice when it to comes to going into business.

Or, you have always wanted to be in business for yourself but are waiting for that “perfect time” when you feel totally prepared?

Freeing yourself

I believe that if you see some concrete ways having another source of income can set you free, you can become unstuck and move on to tackle the challenge.

So I put together a list of 10 awesome reasons to be an entrepreneur.

Having an income producing side business is a sound way to diversify your income and to create some financial stability for yourself.

If you really put your mind to it, with a little help and ingenuity, you could even find yourself in a situation where you have multiple streams of income from one core business.

How amazing is that!

As an example, my weekend party business has income streams from three (3) different sources: the primary source of income comes from Princess parties; a secondary source from conducting Etiquette and Social Skills training sessions: and, a third source is proceeds from sales of refashioned clothing that I produce myself and sell in my store.

So, my business model is multiple income streams from reliable sources to create balance and stability.

It’s not limited to those three either.  You could add a few more, such as venturing with a hotel and/or an entertainment venue to incorporate your services for their clientele to take advantage of, which is also lucrative and a win for all.

This is all by way of demonstrating the value of branching out, getting unstuck, doing something on your own, and the possibilities that are out there to get the most out of your ability, passion, and most importantly, your time on this planet.

Here are 10 fabulous reasons why entrepreneurship is worthwhile beyond your imagination:
  1. Earn a living doing what you love. When you are able to generate income doing what you love it tends to spread the joy.
  2. Creating something from nothing. You have the entrepreneurial bug and an idea. You get to create it from the ground up.
  3. Spend more time with family. Entrepreneurs with children have the ability to adjust their schedules to attend school functions and activities.
  4. Turn your passion and beliefs into a business. Are you passionate about making kids and parents happy? You have the ability to create a business as well as impact people through your passions and beliefs.
  5. You never feel undervalued. At work right now, you probably have lots of ideas to make things better which never see the light of day. With your own business, there’s no hoping for the approval of a higher up- you can make it happen right away.
  6. Opportunity to do it your way. Have an idea to make something better or more efficient? Make it happen!
  7. Reap the rewards from hard work. Simply work harder and see more opportunities to grow and prosper.
  8. You can make people happy. Genuinely happy. Not fake happy. Enough said.
  9. You will never hit a ceiling. When you are an entrepreneur, the only limits are those which you place upon yourself.
  10. Create a legacy. People come and go from jobs. Creating your own successful brand means leaving a personal legacy behind  which not only fuels motivation, it’s a darned good feeling of accomplishment.
And here’s the best one of all…you get to choose who you work with.


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