10 Reasons Being A Career Mum Rocks

By Monisha Iswaran



Are you starting a family and are undecided about whether or not you’ll be able to maintain your career amidst the busy livelihood of being a parent?

There are of course many things to consider, but here are 10 reasons that being a career mum absolutely rocks!

1. You Are A Total Double-Agent

You know those spy movies, where the cool characters live 2 completely separate lives? That’s you now! You get to put out a snazzy outfit and go

ace throughout the day at your career. Then in the evening you put on your mummy hat, make dinner and read to your kids before tucking them into

bed. Diversity is what makes life exciting anyway!

2. You Get To Escape The Daily Dramas!

Once you’re a parent, the screams of “MUM!” from the next room get old real fast. The best thing about being a mum with a career? You get to leave

behind the household dramas for a few hours while you go and focus on work. You’re like to return to the previously averted situation with fresh

eyes and a more even temper, after having focused on something else for a while.

3. Your Children Get Your Undivided Attention

Some people think that being a working mummy means you spend less time with your children. Does this have to be the case? Absolutely not. The

fact is, if you have a career, just make sure your children have you with them 24/7 without really giving them your full focus. Get toys and games for your household that you can engage in with your little ones.

Climbing frames are an awesome play item, that you will have heaps of fun spending time with your children on, teaching them how to climb and get

physically active!

4. Being A Great Role Model

If your kids grow up seeing you as a confident, ambitious working woman, this is bound to have a positive effect on them. If you have daughters, this

shows them that they too don’t have to make a choice between family and career when they are older. If you have sons, it shows them that being

supportive of their future wife’s career is just as important as pursuing their own.

5. Aspects Of Parenting Become More Fun

As you have more going on in your life than just parenting, it feels less like a chore and more like a joy! Things such as taking your kids to playdates, or decorating your little one’s nursery feel way more like a break than a chore. You can find discount nursery furniture online, and get crazy envisioning how you want your baby or child’s room to look!

6. Your Relationship With Your Partner May Be Stronger

When you each have your own ambitions, aspirations, and goals beyond just the household and family, you may find your relationship with your

spouse becomes considerably stronger. You will each have new and interesting topics of conversation, and there is less likely to be resentment towards your husband due to having had to give up your career.

7. Your Children Are Likely To Be More Independent

Whether consciously or unconsciously, stay-at- home mums are more likely they should be able to do such activities alone. Ultimately, your kids are

likely to get better at getting their school work done, figuring out public transport, being responsible for their own chores etcetera when you aren’t

there to do it all for them.

8. Putting Your Education/Training To Good Use

If you have a degree, certification or just a substantial number of years training in a particular discipline or field – it’s definitely a great feeling to put

all that work to good use. It can be incredibly frustrating to feel as though that slaving away! You may even inspire your children to aspire to

greatness themselves by pursuing your dreams.

9. The Financial Benefits Can’t Be Denied

This may sound obvious, but obviously, the financial benefits of having your own job can’t be denied. Being a two-income household is significantly

different to being a one-income household. Not to mention, it’s an empowering feeling to know you are making your own money, and not

relying on someone else to be the sole breadwinner of the family.

10. A Healthy Balance

Lastly, as all the previous 9 points have stressed in some way or another, having your own job results in a healthy life balance, including positive

effects on your mental health and well-being and in the way you treat others (including your children and partner/spouse).

So if you’re in a dilemma over whether or not to give being a working mum a shot, those are 10 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t be deterred by

the challenges this concept presents. Though the difficulties this role presents are not to be overlooked in the slightest, there are ways to

overcome them, and if you put your mind to anything in life you can 100%achieve your goals.

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