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“I’ve never felt so confident in myself! I’m running a business. I’m really doing it.”

-Susan, Florida


We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Simply apply our lessons and you’ll grow your business.

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No matter what stage of business you are in, our course will guide you to plan, operate, and market your business.


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I’ve used my experience with over 6,000 parties to help hundreds of women to start their own business with the Ultimate Course on How-to Build a Profitable, Successful Party Business!

Have you considered being an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start?

Dip your toe into the entrepreneurial world and get your FREE Guide to Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur. It will start you on the path to learning how to build your own party business.


“I hated the idea of dragging around a product and begging people to buy it. With Princess Tea Parties, people came to me.”

Adrian, Michigan

“Downloading the Ultimate Course has done wonders for me and my family. I was able to dive right in and really get to work.”

Shelley, California

“I’m taking the training now. Lisa is excellent. I can’t wait to get started and leave my job. It’s killing me..”

Carmen, Texas

What makes us different?

Gone are the days of never having enough time for the important things in life, feeling unfulfilled, or working at a job that doesn’t make you happy. Of feeling that urge to break free from the 9-5 to become an entrepreneur, but not knowing what to do or if it will work.

Having a coach with the same experiences, who then created a better life for herself and her family, will give you confidence to know you are focusing on the right things that will lead  you to become successful.

Your confidence will grow like you’ve never felt before. You will feel encouraged and ready to take the next step on your journey to become a small business owner. You will begin to realize your dream of reclaiming your time, improving your finances, and doing work you love.

Meet the coach who will help you build your business… Have questions? Schedule a call with Lisa.

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We’ve broken the Ultimate How-To Course into 3 phases.




What’s The Price Of Staying In The 9-To-5 Grind?

Unfulfilling Work

We believe your work should bring you happiness, not take it. You can bring others joy through princess parties.

Wasted Time

Free up your schedule to have more time for yourself and the ones you love. A princess party business can be run 3 days a week.

Financial Limits

Replace your salary or add to your income. You can make an extra $4,800 a month working fewer hours.