Looking for a unique and exciting side business?

Lisa’s Business Kit provides a fun and interactive training that will get you ready to start a fabulous part-time Children’s Tea Party Business. 


If you have a dream. don’t be afraid of accomplishing it!

A quality, affordable Children’s Tea Party Business Kit that’s easy to follow with expert training and support

“Lisa’s Tea Party Business Kit really works!!!! I am so happy I found it. Since purchasing the Princess Tea Party Business kit, I have been able to successfully start my own princess tea party business, Once Upon A Teacup, LLC, in Maryland. Lisa’s kit gives you an easy to follow step by step guide that allows you to get started!

Sonya, Maryland


If you’re looking for a complete, step-by-step guide to starting a Children’s Tea Party Business, your search can end with the Business Kit.


  No matter what stage of business you are in, you’ll have all the tools you need to launch, operate, and market your business. 


Do you absolutely love the idea of throwing tea parties for little girls, always wondered if you could do this as a side business, but don't know where to start?


Why choose the Business Kit?

If you are interested in this business, it is designed as a very practical, down to earth program to successfully get started.

It is guaranteed to save you time and money researching information because it is already done for you. 

It is an easy to follow blueprint of a successful business model.

Provides expert training and personal support so you can focus on launching your brand.

It is the resource you’ve been looking for if you’ve been searching for a way to easily add revenue to a business. 


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 “My purchase included a complimentary coaching session with Lisa Rose, and she did not hold back with sharing tips, successes, and failures she’s encountered over the years.  She gave real advice, and instructed me on exactly what to do and not do in order to have a successful business.”  Felicia, Atlanta, GA

How to get started


Purchase and download your Tea Party Business Kit


Be guided through the process of how to run a successful business.


You are trained to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Hi, I’m Lisa. I am fortunate to have found what I was looking for in a part-time business and am determined to help as many women as possible to discover the freedom of being your own boss. 


” I am so grateful that I had this kit and Lisa to guide me through the process of how to run a successful business. You even get the etiquette course to help you conduct etiquette classes to generate more income!

Sonya, Maryland

“I’m taking the training now.  Lisa is excellent.” 

Carmen Rivera

“I am the owner of a childcare center looking to add an additional source of income for myself. This is the resource I have been looking for.”

Rheitta, Georgia

“So, after listening to you, working on weekends would be perfect. Something I’d always wanted to do. Thanks for providing the tools.”

Latoya Conners

“I love being with kids and princess parties seemed like a natural way to add business at my teashop. The Business Kit really helped streamline the process. This will increase my sales and bring in new customers.”

Kay, Illinois

” My eyes lit up when a simple Google search led me to Lisa Rose, a woman just as passionate as I who has successfully run my dream business for 20 years!”

Felicia, Atlanta

The price of inaction

Unfulfilling Work

Your work should add to your life, not detract from it.

Wasted Time

If you have a dream, it is there for a reason. Don’t waste another year of your life being afraid to reach it.

Financial Limits

Imagine what an additional $500 to $3,000 in monthly income could do for your family budget.

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