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  Busy Moms and Working Women: One Thing We Need More of is Time.

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 Struggling for Ideas?


As a Stay at Home mom, the prospect of becoming a working mother posed dilemmas within dilemmas. Managing a family and a corporate job likely meant sacrificing what was most important: family time and involvement with the kids as they grew up.

I had a role to play to help out financially but at what cost? Corporate jobs and motherhood are often not a happy combination because it is easy to become conflicted about where you should be, at home or at work?  For most of us moms the dilemmas revolve around time, how much of it was consumed by your job, and how little time you have for your main job of taking care of the family.

In my mind the alarm bells went off alerting me that if I get on that slippery slope I could be putting at risk the one thing I was here to do: Raise good kids and watch them grow up.

We needed to find a better way, although I was struggling for ideas.

I find that many women struggle with the juggling act of a 9-5 and managing the family. It is a high wire act often leaving you off balance without the luxury of a false move.


The Mom/Working Woman Solution I Found!

Being a working mom is hard and finding balance is always a challenge.

You’d love to start a small business and be on your own, but how do I find good small business ideas for women?” That’s the question.

I managed to perfectly balance my work and family life doing something I  love and am helping other moms to follow this path.

Nearly 20 years ago I came across a couple of small business ideas for women.  Running Princess Tea Parties and Children’s Etiquette training were exactly the opportunities I was looking for. They were easy and affordable to get into and did not require any formal training.  It was perfect.

These are flexible part-time,  weekend businesses that allow you to free up time for family and also, during off hours, to work on operating and growing a business.

They brought the income we needed relatively quickly, and when I left my day job for good, I was home for dinner instead of working late for a boss or commuting in traffic.

Proven Business Ideas for Women. Easier than You Think

“This business has proven to be all that and more, providing a consistent income for my family and helping to put 3 kids through college, which is very satisfying especially because it so difficult to do these days.

It proved to be the perfect blend of great income part- time, flexibility, and happy work life without much stress. The Business in a Box is a great solution for a fast start because it does just that by providing all the tools needed to support your opening while eliminating much of the trial and error.

The joy of these businesses are the kids. They are so precious, making it fun, keeping you young, and,  all the more happy for having made this choice.

If you enjoy kids and party planning, running perfect princess tea parties is a perfect way to earn your income!”





princess tea party businessWhen I first got started I wished there was a manual to follow to help me avoid mistakes, save money and get open for business quickly. An expert guide or road map so that I could stay on the right track, plan ahead, and grow.

Now, you can have the blueprint to duplicate the easy and affordable business that I have operated for nearly 20 years. It’s something I have always wanted to do.

The Business in a Box provides unique step-by-step guidance and all the tools you need to open and run a Princess Tea Party business.  If you follow it,  you’ll be operating as a viable business in no time.

Running Children’s Etiquette classes is a perfect companion business to Perfect Princess Tea Parties or separately by itself.  Become a Children’s Etiquette Teacher is the instruction manual you will use to teach your classes and the only one you’ll need.

Each of these are terrific part-time businesses that are easy and fun and can be affordably started and operated.

If you’re in a similar circumstance to mine, having to choose between a guilty dinner at home with the kids and family, or working late for your boss, the Business in a Box and the instruction Manuals are worth their weight in gold and will pay for themselves with your very first party or etiquette session.

Running your own perfect Princess Tea Parties and teaching Children’s Etiquette is a great way for moms and women to change from a corporate job, be your own boss, earn a healthy income, and put family back on the front burner.

To Your Success!”


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I ordered the Princess Tea Party Business Handbook and as a bonus it came with the Manners Are Cool Etiquette Training Handbook.  Both handbooks are filled with very useful and relevant content, advice and tips on how to start a successful Princess Tea Party Business.  Just reading these handbooks makes me even more excited to start my own business.  Miss Lisa Rose is very knowledgeable about this business and I value the depth of knowledge and expertise she shares and outlines in these handbooks.  Miss Lisa Rose is very pleasant and I appreciate how responsive she is to my questions. I honestly believe she wants me to succeed and I appreciate that.  I am confident that the guidance provided by Miss Lisa Rose will be a great foundation for me and  any budding entrepreneur wanting to start their own Princess Tea Party Business.  I highly recommend the Princess Party Business Handbook and the Manners Are Cool Etiquette Training Handbook.

-Crystal Marable

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